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Effective Bets & Variants for Beginners in Super SIC BO Online

Super SIC BO Online

Sic Bo is not the most played card game, but it is fascinating and entertaining in its own right. This Chinese table game of chance uses three dice to create winning combinations and features simple rules and multiple prizes. The game may appear initially difficult to newcomers, but it’s relatively simple. If you’re curious about super SIC BO, a Chinese three-dice table game, a free demo version is included to try it yourself. Read below to get pumped up and ready for some exciting gambling! You can try it out on Superwin. Superwin Sportsbook is the premier destination for Superwin Online casino enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive Superwin betting experience for sports, cards and casino events worldwide.

Sic Bo betting: Types of bets and odds

The various wagers available at the sic bo online are as follows:

Big and Small

The roll’s outcome depends on whether to bet on the significant or minor field. If you anticipate the final total will be between 4 and 10, choose the lower choice; if between 11 and 17, choose the higher one.

Odd and Even

The goal of Sicbo online is to correctly predict whether the rolled number will be odd or even.

3 Dice Total 

This bet involves placing a wager on the sum of the numbers rolled using three dice. A number between 4 and 17 is possible.

Any Triple 

Betting Any Triple means you think all three dice will come up with the same number.


This bet, also known as a “2-Dice Combination” wager in sic bo online casino, is made on the assumption that at least two of the three dice rolled will be the same.

Single Dice Bets  

You win super SIC BO if your chosen number comes up before the end of the round. Aside from picking a number, you can also wager whether one, two, or all three dice will land on that number.

Specific Triples

You must adequately guess the outcomes of all three dice to roll a “Specific triple” in sic no game online.

2 Dice Combo

 This wager requires an exact guess of the sum of the numbers appearing on at least two dice.

Sic Bo Varients

The popularity of sic bo free led to numerous spinoff games. Among the games mentioned below are those you may be familiar with:

Grand Hazard 

Grand Hazard zSic Bo online free, like the original game, and is played with three dice. The odds, payouts, and wagers offered on this table set it apart. For instance, whereas Grand Hazard lays out fewer alternatives, a regular sic bo betting table encompasses a square table with six primary kinds of betting tables. In addition, the odds and payoffs of specific bets vary.


This variant of super SIC BO originated in the United States and features a container resembling a wire bird cage in which three dice are stored and rolled. Chuck-a-lock wagers are typically placed on single-digit outcomes.

Yee hah hi 

Symbols rather than numbers represent bets in Yee Hah Hi. Icons like fish, scorpions, coins, crabs, and more can all be bet on. This game has a house edge of 11.11%.


The super SIC BO is a straightforward dice game that virtually anyone can master. It has various wagers, each with its house edge. Avoiding betting regions with a high house edge, even if they seem to have excellent rewards, is the simplest way to maximise your wins in this game.

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